”All Play and No Work” – The Comic Plays of the Federal Theatre Project


Host Aaron Odom (@TridentTheatre) invites author Dr. Paul Gagliardi to discuss some entries in Paul’s new book, “All Play and No Work,” all about the comedies presented by the Federal Theatre Project in the 1930s.

Buy “All Play and No Work” from Temple University Press

Buy “Gas Money for Austin” by The Barefoot Band, including the “Euripides, Eumenides” theme song, “The Apocalypse Song”

Is ”Cats” Any Good?


Host Aaron Odom (@TridentTheatre) records this episode before a live audience at the Community College of Denver.  Featuring a panel including actor and comedian Mary E. Kennedy (“Shameless”), CCD Technical Theatre Coordinator Keylee Anderson, and comedy producer Chuck Roy, Aaron and the panel discuss if the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical “Cats” is worth the awards or the disdain.

Mary E. Kennedy – Official Website

Mary E. Kennedy – IMDb Page