“Euripides, Eumenides: A Theatre History Podcast.”

The Theatre History podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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Each week, Aaron Odom hosts a guest from the worldwide theatre community to talk about a bizarre, fascinating and humorous story from theatre history. One catch, the guest has no idea what they’ll be discussing.

Here’s a playlist of some promo videos for past episodes!

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“It’s kinda like ‘Drunk History,’ … but way better.”

Anonymous, 3/24/2021

“This podcast is an utter delight. There are a few factors that put it at the top of my list: – Aaron Odom does excellent preparation (he researches his topics and knows his stuff). – He is an engaging and funny storyteller. – The podcast is educational: each episode presents a cross section of art, cultural, political, social and religious history from a given time-period – all through the focusing lens of theatre history. – Most of all, though, Aaron Odom is a highly educated theatre major and inspiring theatre teacher, who clearly loves the theatre and its history. That love is and has been contagious, spilling over into the lives of his students who, prompted in part by Aaron’s encouragement, have gone on to successful careers in theatre. Some of the latter are even among his delightful guests. Summing up, I really can’t recommend this podcast highly enough. Do yourself a favour and hit subscribe!”

Jaybird1981 via Apple Podcasts ·Austria ·03/24/2021

Where do I start? Aaron, the host, has such a love and passion for theater that you can FEEL through his show. He brings surprise topics to his guest and listeners that are truly fascinating and such a pleasure to dig into. As someone who has a history podcast myself, I first listened to check it out” and very quickly found myself binging for hours. Though I enjoy theater, one doesn’t need to be a theater major to understand and enjoy this show!

Laurel85 via Apple Podcasts  ·United States · 05/13/22

How did this all get started?

In October 2020, Aaron conceived of a podcast focusing on the many bizarre and often humorous tales or concepts from theatre history. All in all, to continue being collaborative and creative during the COVID-19 pandemic, Aaron wanted to reach out to his friends in the theatre community and remind them that they are just that: a community.

“Euripides, Eumenides” is now available on all major podcast providers.

Below, you can read a few write-ups about the podcast. You are highly encouraged to like, share, and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, or just click on the image above to be taken to our page to listen! A new episode is planned to come out every two weeks!

Blog post and Sheridan Press Scene Column about the podcast

Feature story in The Sheridan Press

The theme song for “Euripides, Eumenides” comes from Wyoming musician Micah Wyatt of The Barefoot Band. Purchase the “Apocalypse Song,” and others by clicking on the image above.

Sources per episode for “Euripides, Eumenides.”

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