Sources for “Euripides, Eumenides” podcast

Transparency regarding the sources used for resarch is incredibly important to “Euripides, Eumenides: A Theatre History Podcast.” So below, you will find a list of all sources used to research each episode.

Also, for anyone using this show for research purposes, one of my listeners directed me to another useful website for any of you doing research to determine the legitimacy of the sites you search, try this one: 5 Free Online Plagiarism Checkers – Which Works in 2023

Episode 89: Ivor Novello in Prison

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Episode 88: The Old Price Riots of 1809

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Episode 87: Theatre Audience Etiquette Throughout the Years

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Episodes 85 & 86: “Death of a Salesman” and Playing Willy Loman on Broadway, Pts. 1 & 2

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Episode 84: Play Spotlight – “The Homecoming” by Harold Pinter

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Episode 83: “Chimes at Midnight” – Orson Welles and Falstaff

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Episode 82: Actor-Managers in the UK

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Episode 79: Women on the British Restoration Stage

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Episode 78: Shakespeare Adapted – Romeo and Juliet

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Episode 77: “All Play and No Work” – The Comic Plays of the Federal Theatre Project

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Episode 76: King Kong – The Musical

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Episode 75: The Seattle Federal Theatre Project and “Spirochete”

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Episode 74: Broadway Street Performers

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Episode 73: Bernardine and “Lady Precious Stream”

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Episode 72: Replay – Laura Keene

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Episode 71: Is “Cats” Any Good?

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Episode 70: The Real Rex Harrison

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Episode 69: Broadway Actors or Game Show Hosts?

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Episode 65: Play Spotlight – The Clouds

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Episode 64: The Unfortunate Life of Thomas Kyd

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Episode 59: Funeral Clowns

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Episode 54: Post-Mortem – KPOP, The Musical

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