Shakespeare Adapted – Romeo and Juliet

Host Aaron Odom (@TridentTheatre) invites 3 guests to discuss modern adaptations of Shakespeare’s popular tragedy, Romeo and Juliet:

  • First guest: Aaron’s son Ethan, to discuss the plot of R&J
  • Second guest: Dr. Paul Gagliardi, to discuss if R&J is the grand love story it’s hyped to be
  • Third guest: Lindsay Robert, to discuss two successful major motion picture adaptations

Lindsay Robert’s Royally Enchanted – book your party today!

”All Play and No Work” – The Comic Plays of the Federal Theatre Project

Host Aaron Odom (@TridentTheatre) invites author Dr. Paul Gagliardi to discuss some entries in Paul’s new book, “All Play and No Work,” all about the comedies presented by the Federal Theatre Project in the 1930s.

Buy “All Play and No Work” from Temple University Press

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